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Welcome to the SSX Modding Wiki!

This is a wiki for easy-to-access information on SSX modding and the tools/projects made to do so.

There are currently 10 articles and 8 users across all pages.

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  • Use common sense.
  • Don't be an asshole to other wiki users.
  • No massive edit wars, please.
  • Feedback should be resolved in a talk page.

Failure to heed these rules will result in a warning (which will be removed after a short period of time, back to back). Multiple warnings will result in a temporary block. Multiple temporary blocks will result in a permanent block from the wiki.

Not really rules but nice wiki etiquette

  • Keep page content relevant to the core goal of this wiki. (This isn't strict, but wildly out of relevant pages probably aren't a good idea to make in the first place)

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